Profound Elegance is the premier romance concierge service, catering to people who want to make the special events of their lives memorable.  Day-to-day activities are an easy distraction from making the special events happen, let us help you make each event stress-free and memorable. 

Profound Elegance Romance Concierge Services specialize in event, date and wedding planning, engagement proposal,  and romantic getaways.

We are your life event planners.
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About Us

Cabena Plummer
Giovanni Plummer
Co-Owner & Consultant
Certified Wedding Planner
Co-Owner & Consultant
Certified Wedding Planner

Cabena was born and raised in Durham, NC. Cabena as a child has always had a passion for art and design, taking art classes to hone her craft. Upon completing high school, Cabena started working in several positions for a major pharmaceutical company.

In 1995 Cabena relocated to Greensboro, NC where she continued to work in the pharamaceutical industry full-time and attending Randolph Community College studing Interior Design.

In 2002, Cabena became a mother of one child and relocated back to Durham, NC. During which time Cabena has continued to work in the pharmaceutical industry in a management position and creating art.
Cabena decided to take the entrepreunal route in 2011 and became a direct sales representative for Mary Kay. This allowed Cabena to make a living using her artistic eye for make-up art.

Giovanni was born and raised in Durham, NC. Giovanni as a child always exhibited an entreprenuer spirit by making money selling candy to her fellow classmates.

In 1999, Giovanni relocated to the nations capital, Washington, D. C. While living in Washington, D. C. Giovanni worked in the printing industry assisting clients with presentation layout and design.

Giovanni relocated back to Durham, NC in 2001. During which time she became a mother to a precocious daughter. Giovanni attended school full-time at Durham Technical Communcity College while she maintained a full-time job in the travel industry. 

 Giovanni started a direct sales business by becoming a Passion Parties Independent Consultant in 2010. Giovanni also decided to take a career change and work full-time for a national beverage company. During her tenure with the beverage company, Giovanni received several promotions providing her sales, marketing, consultative, and administrative experience.